ICET History

The ICET Conference is a flagship conference of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) in Pakistan. The IEEE; formed in 1963, is the world’s largest professional association whose scope of interest lies in promotion of education and research within engineering sciences & computing technologies. The mode of contribution to these areas is through research journals, conferences, member networks, and development of industry standards. Through the platform of IEEE-ICET, eminent researchers from academia and practioners from industry (both from Pakistan and Overseas) share their expertise, novel ideas, and research activities of pioneering proportions.

The conference was first launched in Pakistan in 2005 through auspices of the IEEE-Islamabad chapter, and has been conducted every year for the past one and a half decade. FAST-National University has the honor of hosting the prestigious conference for the fourth time in it’s history and has managed to bring the conference to Peshawar.

The proceedings of previous International Conferences on Emerging Technology are available on IEEE Xplore and their statistics and links are given below:

History of ICET

Year Description Papers Paper Link
2022 17th ICET @ Giki Topi, Swabi 44 IEEE Xplore
2021 16th ICET@ CUST, Islamabad 40 IEEE Xplore
2019 15th ICET @ FAST-NUCES, Peshawar 59 IEEE Xplore
2018 14th ICET @ Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad 39 IEEE Xplore
2017 13th ICET @ Capital University of Science & Technology, Islamabad 72 IEEE Xplore
2016 12th ICET @ PIEAS, Islamabad 89 IEEE Xplore
2015 11th ICET @ Sarhad University, Peshawar 69 IEEE Xplore
2014 10th ICET @ FAST-National University, Faisalabad 41 IEEE Xplore
2013 9th ICET @ MAJU, Islamabad 80 IEEE Xplore
2012 8th ICET @ MAJU, Islamabad + UET, Taxila 99 IEEE Xplore
2011 7th ICET @ SEECS College, NUST, Islamabad 51 IEEE Xplore
2010 6th ICET @ FAST-National University, Islamabad 89 IEEE Xplore
2009 5th ICET @ FAST-National University, Islamabad 106 IEEE Xplore
2008 4th ICET @ EME College, NUST, Islamabad 71 IEEE Xplore
2007 3rd ICET @ Riphah International University, Islamabad 64 IEEE Xplore
2006 2nd ICET @ UET, Peshawar 132 IEEE Xplore
2005 1st ICET @ Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Islamabad 108 IEEE Xplore